Silver Care is one of the core brand of PIAVE a professional oral care corporation in Europe. PIAVE, found in 1857, has a history of 150 years specialized in oral health. Toothbrushes of PIAVE are all made in gem-free condition and 100% made in Italy. Silver Care is known as the best oral care band in Europe that it brace a popularity in developed countries in Europe, America and Asia.


        MUKUNGHWA is the brand of WUQIONGHUA company in Korea which is the biggest company in producing professional cleaning products. The company, found in 1947, has products including cleaning detergent, oral care, cosmetics and so on. Toothpaste of MUKUNGHWA is the leading oral product in Korea. It advocates natural and healthy oral care. 8 fluoride-free toothpaste specialized for children have been accounted for 75% of the market in Korea.


        HAPICA comes form Minimum of Japan. With a history of 30 years, Minimum specializes in producing electric toothbrushes which account for the largest scale in the market of electric toothbrushes. The toothbrush is affected by Japanese customers by its character that toothpaste is not a must when brushing teeth. In addition, it won the prize “GOOD DESIGN” due to its high-class material and exquisite technology.


        EBISU comes from エビス company in Japan. エビス established in 1896 is a century-old company specialized in dental toothbrush, high-tech toothbrush and other related products. Due to the design, quality of the toothbrush, EBISU is well-known in Japan.


        Customers of NANO-UP are mainly aged in 30s. Due to the whitening effect, many teenagers and super stars in Japan are fans of NANO-UP. Mashimaro as the image representative has attracted more and more young people be the fans of NANO-UP. NANO-UP has adopted nano-technology in toothbrush and toothpaste which can remove cigarette stains, tea stains and teeth calculus effectively.


        O-ZONE, established in 1980s, has been developed from a small workshop to the best toothbrush brand in Korea in 10 years. Due to continuous outbreaks in quality, international reputation of O-ZONE has been increased largely since 2000. So far, O-ZONE is a well-known brand not only in Korea, but also in international market.


        Fructodent comes from Paglleri Sell System S.p.A in Europe. Fructodent is the first toothpaste brand specialized in producing delicious toothpaste. It adopts various fruits, flowers and herb which can solve oral problems effectively . Paglieri Sell System S.p.A is a company covering skin beauty, personal care, family care and health care. It has been certificated by ISO9001:2000 and ISO 13485.


        WHITE-T authorized by MINNSOTA.MING AND FACTURING COMPANY in America is produced by Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company in Korea. It adopts natural particles without bleach and nano-technology which can healthily whiten teeth. Profession Stelle, the founder of WHITE-T, says in a professional dental lecture that White-T is the breakthrough in oral beauty. It is the best choice for customers who want to whiten teeth with harm. 4 security promises: 1. Free from bleach 2. No wear to teeth 3. Free from harmful fossil ingredient 4. Whitening effectively.


        NAVI comes from EQ maxon company in America which is the leading company of oral care brand in the Asian-Pacific region. NAVI as the core brand of EQ maxon company in America has been certificated by FDA. By adopting nano-plant element, NAVI toothpastes can better protect gum and strengthen teeth.


        SHINYMED, a professional brand of oral care in German, comes form Bürstenmann Company. With a history of nearly 100 years, Bürstenmann Company is one of the most professional company in producing cleaning products. Its products are exported to over 30 countries and regions in the world. In 2015 SHINYMED has introduced new products including 5 children toothbrushes and 7 adult toothbrushes. 5 children toothbrushes are respectively specified to children in age 2, age 3, age 4-7 and age 7-10. 7 adult toothbrushes possess various functions as whitening, protecting and so on. Bristles injected to each single toothbrush are automatically in dust-free manufacturing plant.


        Korean HORAM comes from INSTITUTO ESPANOL company in Spain. INSTITUTO ESPANOL, established in 1903, have business covering various personal care products. Toothpaste of HORAM adopts OPCs concentrated in pine needles, amino acids and mineral elements which can solve oral problems and strengthen teeth effectively.


        YOLGEAR is a professional toothpaste brand in Italy. It comes form Cosway Corporation a well-known daily chemical company in Italy. Established in 1961, its business covers personal care, healthy care, high-end flavor, skin care, cosmetics and so on. Cosway Corporation has always been devoted in producing healthy, efficient, and sustainable products which improve personal life quality.













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